Hume Region Early Psychosis Services

About Us

Early Psychosis Services are located throughout the Hume Health Region. They are comprised of health professionals who have had extra training in the field of early psychosis and are good at working with young people. Workers are supported by psychiatrists and the local area mental health services (located in Shepparton, Wangaratta, Seymour and Wodonga).

The aim of Hume Region Early Psychosis Services is to decrease the delay in receiving effective treatment for young people experiencing a psychosis for the first time. This is done by increasing awareness about early psychosis; monitoring young people at risk of developing a psychosis; providing assertive outreach to young people recovering from a first experience of a psychotic illness and supporting their families, friends and other workers.

Who we work with:

16-25 year olds who reside in the Hume Health Region and who are:


About the Logo

The logo was designed by a young person in 2006 in the early days of Hume Region Early Psychosis Services. The light green crescent represents the young person with psychosis, the darker green his family and wider community.  The intersecting blue crescent represents the early psychosis service helping him stay linked with his supports and community whilst on his journey of recovery.

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