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Darren's Story

Darren's Story

Name: Darren

Age: 20

Darren  has missed his TAFE classes. Actually he hasn’t left his flat since he smoked cannabis three days ago. He won’t answer his mobile and his mates are concerned. What is stopping Darren from going outside?

Darren's Twitter Feed

Darren didn’t turn up to his TAFE classes Monday and Tuesday. He wouldn’t answer his phone. Finally his friends thought they better check on him. When they arrived at Darren’s flat they are kept waiting for a long time. For a relaxed sort of guy Darren was edgy and restless. Darren couldn’t get his thoughts together and he looked like he hadn’t showered for a few days. Darren was suspicious of his friends’ motives for being there. He told them he was too busy for TAFE because he needed to work out the lyrics for the best song that has ever been written. The only thing was Darren couldn’t remember anything he had written. Darren kept changing the subject and his mates were baffled to understand what was going on but they knew he needed help so they took him to his local GP.

When Darren met with his GP he was displaying a number of symptoms of a psychosis. He was paranoid (thinking his friends had ulterior motives), he was delusional (convinced it was his duty to write the best song ever) and his thoughts were disordered (difficulty answering questions). Darren symptoms hadn’t reduced as the week progressed and it was obvious that this was more than a drug induced experienced. The Early Psychosis Team was contacted and they assisted Darren to get the treatment and support he needed. A big part of Darren’s recovery was staying clear of cannabis as it would impeded him getting better, interfere with the medication he was on and increase his risk of relapse. Time off was organised with his employer and when he was ready he resumed his apprenticeship. Recovery from a psychosis is more than just having the symptoms go away; it is about getting your life back on track.

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