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Karly's Story

Karly's Story

Name: Karly

Age: 16

Karly has always been a bright and active girl but lately something has changed. She is irritable with her mother; late for netball training, behind in her school work and is at risk of losing her casual job at the supermarket. Something isn’t right at the moment with Karly.

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Karly isn’t crazy. Hearing a voice whisper her name occasionally does not mean Karly is psychotic. However Karly is at an increased risk of developing a psychosis. There are changes to her mood, behaviour, ability to function as well as the occasional odd experience and this is a common presentation of young people prior to becoming unwell with a psychosis. Being at risk does not mean Karly will definitely become psychotic and there could be other explanations for her experiences. If Karly does start developing a psychosis the quicker she gets treatment the better. For these reasons it is important what is happening for Karly is further explored.

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