Hume Region Early Psychosis Services

Looking after your Mental Health

Just as we do things to keep us physically healthy and help us prevent physical illness there are things we can do to look after our mental health.

Such efforts are not only protective against mental illness they also gives us a better quality of life.

People with good mental health enjoy:

Want to start on a regimen to get mentally fit?

Here are some ideas to get started.

Our ThoughtsOur Thoughts

Want to improve your mental health. Start with your thinking!

Our Feelings

Our Feelings

Accepting rather than struggling with our emotions has positive consequences for our mental health!

Energy LevelsEnergy Levels

Our physical health can impact our mental health.


SkillsThere are skills that we can practice that will enhance our mental health and just like riding a bike the more we practice them the better we get.

Protect your brainProtect your brain

Almost all substances can impact on your brain.


TimeWhat we choose to invest our time in has a role in our mental health!

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