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Michael's Story

Michael's Story

Name: Michael

Age: 23

Michael’s girlfriend Susie has broken up with him. While Susie told him it was because he wasn’t as fun anymore and he left everything in a mess, it has more to do with the strange things he has been doing and saying.

Michael and Susie have been living together in a rented house for 18 months. They are both 23 and have jobs in the banking industry. Both of them have felt the pressure of the banks they work for are downsizing.

This is an email Susie sent to her friend Judy on 8th September.

Email to Judy from Susie

On the 24th of September, it was Susie's Birthday.

Susie's birthday email

On the 15th of October, Susie is starting to get strained with Mike.

Letter to Judy number 3

Later in October Susie has had enough.

Fourth email from Susan to Judy

Michael is experiencing a psychosis. He is no longer able to function in his role at work and maintain his relationship with Susie. He is demonstrating some uncharacteristic and odd behaviour. When Susie described that Michael was talking to himself it is most likely that he is hearing voices and is responding to these voices. Receiving special messages from the TV is an example of delusional thinking. It is important that Michael gets treatment and gets it soon.

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